Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Degrees of Offalism


0. All children and adults may keep their shoes on.

1. Small children required to remove shoes, teenagers and adults may keep them on.

2. Children and teenagers required to remove their shoes, adults may keep them on.

3. All family members required to remove their shoes, visitors may keep them on.

4. Family members and close friends asked to remove their shoes, other visitors may keep them on.

5. Family members and visitors normally asked to remove their shoes, but exceptions made for parties and some formal occasions.

6. Family members and visitors are normally required to remove their shoes on all occasions, including parties.

I would say that you only count as having a shoes-off policy if you are at level 5. Level 4 is close, but in my opinion is not really a true shoes-off policy.


Bob said...

We are a level 5. Not to be pickey but use of the word asked is totally different from required. You may ask but the question is what do you do if they refuse!

Celestial Fundy said...

It's a question of semantics.

Sandro said...

it's by default to be a level 5 in the Caucasus, but many of those who consider themselves "European" may not reach level 6 here. From my personal experience, two brothers from upmarket part of the society represent opposite attitudes to level 6 at their homes.

Celestial Fundy said...

Parties are the fault line that divides moderates from hardliners.

Sandro said...

if one willingly removes her/his shoes at a party in our region or in Russia, nobody will find it wrong in any case

richyrich said...

What about people who may take off their shoes (and ask that of visitors) if it's muddy or wet outside but keep them on at other times. Where would you put them on your scale?

Sandro said...

I would offer putting them in the first level together with kids as the reason children are required to deshoe isvthe same: their shoes are supposed to be muddy. Actually, the logic is inconsistent: since shoes on dry days are considered "clean", why not just wash/wipe those on rainy/snowy days? Yet if one understands shoes are not needed indoors and therefore not appropriate, the weather criterion will fail.

Celestial Fundy said...

Good question, Rich.

They might be as low as level 0.

I am talking about the norm rather than the exception.

Anonymous said...

On Fri evening I had dinner at the house of some friends.

It was'nt a formal dinner party and we were all wearing shoes. However, there was a friend of theirs there who I had'nt met before. She works for Barclays and had come straight from work so was still in her uniform. However, she had changed into slippers and left her shoes at the door.

Celestial Fundy said...

Good on her.

What is your own opinion on the subject?

Sandro said...

"It was'nt a formal dinner party and we were all wearing shoes"
does it mean it's a formal status of a dinner party which assumes shoes taken off?)

Sandro said...

Anonymous, had she brought the slippers with herself, or did the hosts provide them? Thank you.