Friday, February 18, 2011

Guest post from Sandro no.2

Sandro is writing from the perspective of somebody from the former Soviet Union where shoes-off is rather more common. Plastic bags might not be a common alternative or compromise in the west, but some of the arguments he offers against them could also be applied to shoe covers. For most people, taking their shoes-off should not be an hardship so shoe covers should not really be necessary.

On Plastic Bags

Sometimes, plastic/fabric bags are seen an altenative for slippers/stockinged feet. Yet I think there are some reasons to disfavor those:

1)whatever tramplians think of what they call the ugliness of feet, bags look obviosuly awkward, and so would feel anyone wearing them; a girl in in a Russian forum suggested such bags as an alternative when visiting homes, but everybody laughed at this suggesion.

2)such bags are really slippery and so dangerous for the wearer; a lady in a Baku forum said she had been using them in her child's kindergarten until she fell a couple of times, which made her switch to slippers.

3)street shoes are not allowed in kindergartens and hospitals around the ex-Soviet countries; visitors ar often offered bags to put on their shoes; yet quite often shoes-off is still required, with optional bags/stockinged feet/slippers; the reason is dirt from shoes still penetrates fabric and plastic, especially if there is some leakage.

4)shoe bags still don't protect parquet from heels


Sandro said...

CF, first of all, thank you for the publishing )
I didn't ask you 'cause I thought you would if you found it interesting enough. After all, it's up to you whether to publish our posts or not.
Actually, I specified "shoe covers" as "plastic/fabric bags".
And my point is shoe covers are not only unnecessary, but even insufficient for the floor-protection purposes which is a fact, while their ugliness is a matter of taste though I hardly believe anybody would like them )
If a visitor insists on shoe-covers as a compromise because this person doesn't want to demonstrate his/her feet, the host shouldn't forget it's not a perfect solution.

Sandro said...

There are a number of theatres (avant-garde) and discos (especially Eastern-spirit) in Moscow requiring shoes-off.