Thursday, February 03, 2011

Home Viewing in New Zealand

There are frequently property programmes on in the hospital staff room during the day. At the moment, there is often a program on which is about families relocating to other countries and looking at houses abroad. Usually on this program, it is families moving to Australia. However, there were a family wanting to move to New Zealand on today.

Usually when viewing the Australian homes, the participants keep their shoes on. However, in New Zealand taking shoes off at the door is much more common. The family on the show today all took their shoes off, along with the agent. With this being New Zealand where people commonly go barefoot outdoors, they did not bother putting their shoes on again when viewing the lawn and garden and so went outside in their socks!


Vlad Gladkikh said...

New Zealand is far worse in this respect than you think. Not many people here take their shoes at the door. When we ask our guests to remove their shoes, they are usually very surprised and start asking all sorts of funny questions like: "Is it because of your religion?"

We ended up putting the following warning:

Celestial Fundy said...

Interesting. I have heard from others that lots of people take their shoes off in New Zealand. It must vary from place to place.