Friday, March 04, 2011

How to silently remind guests to remove their shoes


1. Cast your eyes downwards at the guest's feet for a few seconds.

2. Make a faint smile with gritted teeth.

3. Look down at the guest's feet again.

4. When the guest looks down, nod.

This may not work on first-time guests. This is best for reminding people who already know you don't want shoes in your house.


Moderate Mouse said...

In the first sentence after the steps, I noticed that the word "to" was between "not" and "work" so the phrase reads "may not TO work" [Empahsis added].

Michael Kuznetsov said...

Your hospitality would be even more evident and convincing if you would produce a good wooden club and would be swinging it manifestly next to your guest's feet.
It works very well!

Michael Kuznetsov

Celestial Fundy said...

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