Monday, March 21, 2011

Jordan now has a shoes-off policy!

The Sun: Exclusive look at Jordan’s mansion

Katie Price did not appear to have had a no-shoes rule at the time she did that awful television series, judging by what I saw of it.


Sandro said...

CF can you imagine you'll ever write a celebrity doesn't have the shoes-off rule as a sensational piece of news?

Celestial Fundy said...

That shoes-off required was just a minor detail in this article. It was only made sensational on this blog.

Sandro said...

I wish no journalist ever mentioned anybody having the shoes-off policy as it would be a norm. I dream tramplians were exceptions worth mentioning as somebody weird

Celestial Fundy said...

In fairness to the journalist, he did not identify it as anything more unusual than Jordan having a marble floor in her kitchen.

It is perfectly possible that the journalist has a shoes-off policy in his own home.

Sandro said...

Regarding THE journalist, you are right,CF

Anonymous said...


I wonder if I could ask for some advice from you and your readers?

I live in the UK and prefer shoes off in my flat, but rightly or wrongly, don't insist on it.

Anyway, I have a cleaner who calls once a fortnight. She works for a company, rather than being self-employed, but it is the same lady each visit.

I have never mentioned the shoes off thing or asked her to do it. In fact, because I work away a lot I only met her a week or so ago for the first time. I called while she waas cleaning the flat, and she seemed really nice but was wearing her trainers.

Not sure if this is relaevant, but as I had'nt seen her over Christmas and she checked on the flat for me during the snow when I was away I gave her an envelope with £40 in it to thank her as well as paying the company the normal fee.

Anyway, my question is how do I raise the issue of shoes off? To be fair she has'nt walked dirt in or anything but I would prefer she took her shoes off in my flat.

I would be more than happy to provide a pair of slippers or pay for her to buy a pair.

I have had different cleaners in the past, with a company that is no longer trading, and they always took their shoes off without being asked.

Anyway, I hope it does'nt sound silly, but I would really appreciate any advice.

Many Thanks,


Celestial Fundy said...

Andrew, thanks for visiting.

You should either ask her in person or leave a note for her. I don't think that would be rude in any way.

Sandro said...

There are some home-renovation shows on Russian TV, where neither the renovation teams nor the hosts ever remove their shoes. It's an approach rather unexpected for Russian TV as other Russian at-home TV shows (home interviews or whatever) demonstrate a traditioal offalist policy. In this regard, I wander if there are any home-renovation shows on UK or US TV channels; if any, what about the shoe-issue?
PS another type of examples of tramplianism on Russian TV is US-licensed sitcoms :)

Celestial Fundy said...

So it's not only British televsion that is filled with home renovation shows!

Shoes are occasionally removed on those shows, but usually they are not.

Sandro said...

It's fifty-fifty in home-dinner contests.

Bob said...

Shoes are occassionaly removed on US home shows

Sandro said...

Few days ago, I was the only person with my shoes off at a home party. What proves I didn't feel embarassed acting against a rule of this party is that I only remembered my being shoeless when it was time to put them on leaving. I think had I stayed in my shoes I would have been thinkng about it with regret throughout the party.
The story morale IMHO is "always act as you think you must whatever others do".