Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Encourage but not insist?


Some people say that it is fine to encourage people to remove their shoes, but one should not insist that they do so.

There is a fine line between insisting on people removing their shoes and encouraging people to take them off. There are a number of things one could say that are subtle encouragements:

We take our shoes off here.

You might like to take your shoes off.

These imply strongly that the host wants the guest to remove her shoes. I do not see that insisting or asking is worse than encouraging. If you encourage people to take their shoes off, then you have started from the assumption that people will be willing to take them off. By encouraging, you apply a degree of moral pressure to comply.

I think a lot of people would not want the uncertainty of just being encouraged. I was dating a girl a few years ago when I was not 100% sold out to the shoes-off rule. She asked me if she should remove her shoes. I told her that we removed our shoes but she did not have to. She was actually uncomfortable at this answer and asked me whether I wanted her to take them off or not.

Sometimes it is simpler just to be straight with people and ask them to remove their shoes. No need to beat around the bush.


Anonymous said...

It definately seems to be becoming more common and acceptable to go shoeless in the UK, - at home but also in offices etc. Must be a good thing.


Matthew Celestis said...

Thanks for dropping in again, Heather.

By the way, you don't have to comment as anonymous. When you post, you can select Name/ URL and then type in Heather.

Heather said...


Thanks but I have'nt posted here before. Love your blog though - please keep up the good work.

Matthew Celestis said...

Oh, I am sorry.

There is another Heather who has posted here quite a bit recently. I got mixed up.

So you keep your home shoe-free?

Heather said...

No Problem Yes I do - actually it's a flat but yes.

And also at friends houses and work - my office has nice push carpets!!.

Moderate Mouse said...

You may have heard rumors online and/or out in public that Judgement Day is May 21 of this year which so happens to be um, tomorrow. It's my understanding that not every professed Christian buys this, and the ones that don't often stress the part about not knowing the day or the hour. (I've been writing about this subject on my "Musings" blog and I even have a poll asking my visitors if they believe the May 21 business or not. Most have voted no. But I digress.)

Anyway, let's say for a second though, that Judgement Day does in fact turn out to be tomorrow, and I'm one of the people raptured. I should probably make sure I have my white slippers on hand (since white is often associated with Heaven) and/or that my pedicure is up to date in case Heaven turns out to be a shoe-free zone, shouldn't I? ;) (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Matthew Celestis said...

MM, I believe that the coming of Christ will be preceded by a series of events- the rise of a Ten-Nation superpower, the arrival of antichrist, the restoration and defilement of the Jerusalem temple and terrible persecution of Christians. As these events have not yet happened, I am confident that the End is a little further off.

My expectation is that the resurrected saints will not be wearing shoes. Heaven is an holy place. What is more Christ in glory is said to have 'feet of brass' in Revelation. It does not say anything about Him wearing shoes.

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