Sunday, June 26, 2011

No Shoes on my Picnic Blanket!

I attended a picnic in a park today with a group of friends from church.

They were quite amused by my insistence on keeping my picnic blanket a shoe-free zone. In fairness to me, they did acknowledge that my picnic blanket was a lot nicer and more comfy. The others had blankets made of rough wool, while mine was a soft, fluffy blanket.

It did get stepped on quite a few times by some of the energetic children, but those people who sat on it with me did remove their shoes or flip flops.

A picnic blanket is for eating off. You don't put your shoes on the kitchen table and you shouldn't put your shoes on a picnic blanket.


Eeyore_fan said...

I totally agree.

I am really enjoying this blog. I wish I could meet more people who held the same views as I do about not wearing shoes in the house and such. It is so refreshing to read all these posts.

Matthew Celestis said...

Thanks for visiting.

The best thing for you to do is to set an example for the people that know you by keeping your home shoe-free. That way, they will get used to the idea and take it on board.

Anonymous said...

Saw a young lady working in the local libary today.

Smartly dressed in nice top and trousers, but completely barefoot with no sign of her shoes.

Matthew Celestis said...

Yes, that does happen.

Thanks for visiting. What do you think about removing shoes in homes?

Rita Martinez said...

I completely agree! Hey by the way I finally have my own apartment with my husband and we have a Shoes off at the Door policy :D it has worked quite nicely. Even the utility people that came to inspect our apartment were nice enough to take their shoes off. :)

Matthew Celestis said...

That's really excellent, Rita. Thanks for dropping in again.

Sandro said...

Dear Rita Martinez, shoes-off-as-a-guest isn't that common in your country, is it?

ranjini said...

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Even the utility people that came to inspect our apartment were nice enough to take their shoes off.

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