Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shoe Covers


Occasionally some people suggest shoe covers as an alternative to shoe-removal.

I have expressed scepticism before that shoe covers can be worn with high heeled shoes. I find it impossible to imagine what an high-heeled shoe with a cover on would look like. Shirley Saunders supports my suspicion. She points out in her book that shoe covers can be damaged by high heeled shoes.

From an aesthetic point of view, I would not want people walking about my home in covered shoes. I want it to be a place of relaxation not a crime scene. In any case, I think most people would feel sillier and more self-conscious in shoe covers than in socks or bare feet.


Moderate Mouse said...

I can see the shoe cover route for if say, 1)the nature of one's business inside the home in question is going to have him/her in and out in like, five minutes or some other short amount of time that there's barely any point in taking off one's coat, let alone shoes (ESPECIALLY if said shoes somehow involve laces, buttons, etc.) or 2)if one is performing a task in which being shoeless would do more harm than good, such as moving or installing a heavy appliance, but for something along the lines of any kind of party or a sit-down meeting that is likely to take up to an hour or two? Not so much.

Sandro said...

Actually, shoe covers can't prevent from dirt coming out through. Therefore, kindergartens in Russia quite often don't allow this option for visiting parents and require their shoes off.

Matthew Celestis said...

There is some building work going on at the hospital I work at.

Strangely, the construction workers wear shoe covers over their boots when outside in the mud and then remove the covers when they go inside.

Sandro said...

Shoe covers in a construction area must be dangerous, slippery etc. The only option is removing boots IMHP.

Anonymous said...

There are situations where Shoe Covers may be the best compromise.

Sometimes shoes are a vital part of someone's PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). In my line of work a suitable pair of shoes can easily be the difference between an electric shock that hurts me and a shock that kills me. Much as I hate & detest wearing shoes, I'm not going to do anything even vaguely resembling live working without them. Ever. Anywhere. Demand I remove them to work in your home, and you would need to find yourself another sparks. Period. (and good luck with that.)

Safety shoes with toecaps also offer useful protection for people working with (EG) heavy tools. Same theory.

Were there is a genuine need but you want to keep the floors clean - a shoe cover might be the best option.

Oh! - and decently quality, properly designed shoe covers are non-slip where it matters.


Matthew Celestis said...

A., thanks for commenting. Have you visited before?

I don't disagree that shoe covers are a good solution for workers who need to carry out tasks where there is a significant safety risk.

Shoe Covers said...

It's funny to think that even back then people would have asked for shoes to be removed. In all of the movies set in that time period we see, people almost always have their shoes on while they are inside.

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