Friday, June 17, 2011

Upstairs Downstairs


Some people have a rule in their house that people may keep their shoes on downstairs, but not upstairs. In a similar manner some people require only overnight guests to remove their shoes.

I understand that the upstairs is a more intimate part of the house and the place where sleeping is done (so a natural place to keep allergy-free). However, I really do not see the need to only go half-way on the shoes-off policy. Who wants a clean carpet upstairs and a dirty one downstairs? Besides most peoples' children will be playing as often on the floors downstairs as the floors upstairs.

It seems much more simpler and straightforward to have the whole house shoe-free.


Mary said...

I agree, it should be 100% or it's a wasted effort. We are hosting Thanksgiving for my husband's family and while his father and step-mom are down with the "no shoes" rule, his mother and step-dad like to whine and complain about "we like to keep our shoes on in the house." I think this is a disrespectful guest. I've had the argument with people that "they are the guests and should be allowed to do what they want." I disagree. My husband has asked them to bring slippers to this year's gathering. I hope they don't forget them.

Matthew Celestis said...

Good for you. It's perfectly reasonable to ask for compliance.