Sunday, July 03, 2011

Medical Conditions


If you read internet discussions about the subject of the shoes-off rule, you will find countless people who claim to have a medical condition that means they must wear shoes all the time. If these discussions were representative of the population; nearly half the people in the USA have such a medical condition. I do not believe it.

Yes, there are some people who do have a genuine medical reason for not removing their shoes. We must make exceptions for them.

Some people say having a shoes-off policy causes embarassment for such people because they must reveal their condition. However, this is quite unnecessary. A person with a medical condition can simply say:

I am sorry, I can't take my shoes off. Doctor's orders.

She does not need to reveal the nature of her condition. She does not need to give any embarassing details. There is really no problem here.


Sandro said...

I visited a party recently here in Tbilisi. The hosts asked guests not to remove their shoes but... stand on pieces of cloth to slide on :))) few guests including me insisted on our shoes off. Others looked very funny and awkward sliding )
I was surprised to learn it's quite a common practice in Tbilisi. In general, people in and from Georgian regions are much more likely to practice shoes off than those born and grown up in Tbilisi.

Matthew Celestis said...

In Britain and the USA, it tends to be the opposite, with those in cosmopolitan parts being more likely to want shoes off than those from the provinces.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog, I see your passion for shoe off.
I didn't know about roundworms, thank you for the info.

I am living in the US and being Japanese my standard of floor/carpet sanitation is very high and it causes lot of stress here.
Even though they (americans)took off shoes in my apartment, their socks and feet are always darken with mud..
I hope more people visit and read your blog.

Matthew Celestis said...

Thanks a lot for visiting.

Antonio said...

You have been keeping up on this blog, I see! We need to chat. Have you got your Doctorate yet? Are you still doing social work?

YOur fg friend,


Matthew Celestis said...

Thanks for dropping in.

I got my doctorate last year, but I am still in the same job.