Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Spanish Student

I am on holiday this week and staying at my parents' place in Hastings.

My mother has started English teaching. Her first student arrived this week, a 16-year old boy from Spain. Spain is of course a country where removing shoes in homes is not very common at all.

When he arrived he did not remove his shoes, despite the rain outside. This may not be Sweden, but most English people would remove their shoes or at least offer in bad weather. He kept his shoes on during dinner.

Nevetherless, after he had been here for about an hour or so he started copying us and began leaving his shoes at the door and continued to do so every time he came in from outside.


aaliyahcohen said...

As an American who studied in Spain for university, I understand where you come from. I was never asked to remove my shoes in a Spanish home during my time there. However, I do remove my shoes in my own home and when a friend from Spain came to the US to visit me, I asked her to remove her shoes. At first, she was a little reluctant, but by the end of her stay she seemed quite comfortable with the practice. She even would take her socks off as well when entering my apartment.

Matthew Celestis said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment.

I'm very glad you keep your home shoe-free.

aaliyahcohen said...

Matthew, you're welcome. :) BTW, do your guests usually wear socks or go barefoot in your home when you ask them to take off their shoes? I am never sure if people would rather be in socks or slippers or not at all

Matthew Celestis said...


I think most people would rather go barefoot than borrow slippers or socks.

aaliyahcohen said...

Interesting. Did your Spanish student friend go barefoot or wear socks or slippers? Mine almost always went barefoot, so I wasn't sure if it was a cultural thing.

Matthew Celestis said...

He was wearing socks.

From what I have heard, Spanish people are not generally keen on going barefoot.

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Did your Spanish student friend go barefoot or wear socks or slippers? Mine almost always went barefoot

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