Monday, August 15, 2011

Living in Perfect Harmony: What about your Shoes?

Living in Perfect Harmony: What about your Shoes?

Years later as a mother of three children, the house rule was that outdoor shoes had to be removed before entering the home. I was so worried at what surprises these three pairs of feet would bring in to the house! Then, as my children grew up and friends became a constant in our home, the rule applied to them as well. It was a habit that stuck.

Now, “God’s Little Angel”, (yes, my granddaughter) will soon be crawling around the floors of our houses. I shudder to think what she could pick up on her exploratory travels through the house if shoes were allowed.

It is summertime now. What a perfect time to instill changes in your homespace with regard to shoes.

Agree to change for the health of your homespace. And, if you cannot make abrupt all encompassing changes take baby steps. First, make sure you and those that dwell in your home remove shoes when entering the space. Then, gradually you will become more comfortable with asking others to do so as well.

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