Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Parents' New House

I visited my parent's new house this weekend. It's bigger and much nicer.

One change is that the downstairs has wood flooring, while it is carpeted from the stairs upwards. This is the first house my parents have had with wood flooring. Naturally, they are worried about it getting scratched.

I'm not sure if they are about to start asking every visitor to remover his or her shoes, but they are avoiding wearing shoes in it themselves. My mother, who teaches English, had a French student staying who was removing her shoes at the door.

My mother asked me how much traffic I was getting to this blog (about 130-150 hits a day). She was surprised when I told her that removing shoes in homes was a controversial subject. She was surprised that anybody would be against the idea.


Sandro said...

Another positive example from France, reportedly a shoes-on country...

Anonymous said...

I live in Malaysia (an asian country) and we take off our shoes before entering to house..And i would feel totally weird if someone ask me to walk around the house in shoes..

Matthew Celestis said...

I can imagine it would feel strange. Thanks for visiting.

Jackie said...

Hi Matthew.

I am interested by your post because I am in an exchange program with a French university so a French student will be living at my home with me for a couple of months. I usually ask guests to bare their feet in my home but I wasn't sure if would be appropriate to ask of a foreign exchange student.


Matthew Celestis said...

Of course it is appropriate!

A foreign exchange student is living in your home and needs to abide by the rules of your house.

Part of going as an exchange student is to live outside of one's own culture and see how other people do things. That means being prepared to do things or eat things that one would not normally do at home.

Thanks a lot for visiting, and well done for keeping your home shoe-free.