Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Shoes-Off Policy is...

...simply one intelligent adult asking another intelligent adult to do something reasonable.


Moderate Mouse said...

I know this is not shoe-related (or at least I don't think it is), but I had heard that there had recently been some riots in the UK. You weren't by any chance anywhere near the area where it had happened were you. And if you were (even if you don't live in the part of the UK where it had happened but perhaps had some business calling you there), how are you holding up?

P.S. I apologize if I have brought something up that you'd just as soon not touch with a twenty foot pole.

Matthew Celestis said...

Thanks for asking.

I don't think there was any rioting in Hertfordshire. I live in a rough town, but it's a prosperous county, so I don't think we would be affected by the issues the same way.

Sneakerman said...

I find that picture quite sad, all those pretty heels and beside them a set of naked feet. I love my shoes, just can't let them go and enjoy alternating between them all.

On a side note, I've been giving the shoes off thing a try and had an awkward experience. It was wet as is always the case in sunny Scotland and upon visiting a friend I took off my wet trainers as to not soak his laminate flooring. After walking thru to the kitchen where he and his family were gathered his sister pointed to my feet and asked why I had removed my trainers. Although I explained that they were wet she insisted that I put them back on so that my socks did not get dirty.

I felt a bit foolish tbh tho my friend told his sister that it showed that I had respect for their house by removing my wet trainers. Kinda put me off doing so in future at another's house. :-/

Matthew Celestis said...

I think you will find that is an exception. Most people will appreciate you removing your shoes, even if they do not insist on it.

Sneakerman said...

After some thought I am up for giving this a go. As of today and for the next seven days I plan on staying shoes off at the door and seeing for myself if any benefit is to be had.

I'm not sure if I will enforce this for my guests as they have never had to remove them before. I don't really mind that so much as I will be in slippers and I don't want them to get dirty socks from my dog, the worrying thing is being seen in slippers and being laughed at as this is something i've never been seen to do.

Still tho, I have a bizarre attachment to my footwear. I buy for style and looks avoiding anything formal whatsoever. In females I love the heels and boots that they have going on. Removal and storage of them seems to be like stripping away something of tactile and personal importance.

Anyways - day 1 and I have been without my trainers except to visit my parents and even then I have been lounging about in my slippers. It just feels different so far. I don't know how my sister who is the only shoes off person in my family manages it. lol


Leyla said...

It's a good start, Ian! Shoes have been invented for outdoors, not for indoors, and socks can also look very nice )
For your visitors, you can just leave a few shoes at the door as a hint, which they may be happy to catch.
Does your sister a shoes-off person only at her home, or at other places as well?

Matthew Celestis said...

Well done for giving it a try, Ian.

Sneakerman said...

Thank you. :)

Leyla, my sister usually takes them off if she is staying for awhile or if the household is also shoes off. I don't think my niece or nephews like it much tho as they won't remove theirs. My sister doesn't make an issue of this tho and I feel that her reasons for removal is personal comfort. If she does that then they tend to come off once she is settled and not at the door. Then she has to remember where she put them again. lol

I'm finding this to be fairly comfortable almost enjoyable even, sitting in my trainers deffinately feels harder on my feet and I like the feeling of arrival as I pull them off and slip into my slippers once in the door. :)

Leyla said...

Thank u for the reply :)

Moderate Mouse said...

"my sister usually takes them off if she is staying for awhile or if the household is also shoes off. "

I'm more or less in the same boat as Sneakerman's sister as far as removing shoes when not going anywhere for awhile is concerned. If I'm not going out for a while or at all, I'll wear slippers (by slippers, I mean one of to date three pairs of the ballet flat variety or a pair of blue flip-flops which, due to a fuzzy detail at the v-strap, I only wear at home) with my regular clothes. When I get home, I'll switch to slippers when I hit the bedroom (since I'm in a household where shoes are generally stored in the bedroom closet when not being worn, at least in theory), especially, but not strictly when, changing clothes altogether, at least if I don't see myself going back out for a while or at all. If nothing else, I think that my slippers are more conducive to acknowledging that I will be in the house for a significant amount of time (barring anything unforseen) than any of my shoes for going out.

I've done this for a little under a year and a half. In that time, I've taken this "slipper habit" with me whenever I had any business calling me to my sister's house for say, a couple of days or longer when I'm needed there for some reason. When I'm staying at her place for an extensive amount of time, one of the tasks that will get delegated to me at various times is to walk the dogs. (My sister owns a three-year-old corgi, and her boyfriend owns what is guessed to be a terrier mix. All I know about the latter dog is that she's around nine years old, bigger than the corgi but slightly smaller than the golden/lab mix my stepdad has, and that the boyfriend adopted her from the pound when she was a puppy.) I've mentioned this in a previous thread awhile back, but needless to say, if said dogs see me with actual shoes on in "their" house, they will follow me around, at least for a while, on the off chance that whatever business I have calling me outside the home pertains to one or both of them.

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