Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This we know...

- You can make exceptions for elderly people or people with disabilities or medical conditions.

- Workmen who need to wear boots for safety can be excused.

- You can make exceptions for parties if you like.

- It's bad to demand shoes-off in a rude or aggressive manner.

We know all this. So why is there any real debate about having a shoes-off policy?


Sandro said...

I think a home party can be still very nice and informal with shoes off.

richyrich said...

I totally agree Sandro

Karen said...

I agree - my ex-boyfriend used to always complain when I took my shoes off at parties in people's homes.

He said I should find comfortable shoes and keep them on, but as I mentioned before I prefer stockinged feet.

richyrich said...

Didn't you explain to him that you preferred to be in your stockinged feet? And wasn't he happy with that?

Sandro said...

Hi, Karen, are you from the UK? Another question, is it just comfort why you remove your shoes, or do you also think it's a good manner not enter with street shoes on?

Karen said...


Yes I am in the the UK.

He was aware that I prefered being in stockinged feet but hated it.

I always wear shoes outdoors, but indoors prefer stockinged feet.

I mentioned last week that I work in my stockinged feet, and my Mum has cridsitsed me for this, saying it is un-professional!!

It is comfort and I think manners as well - I hate the idea of walking all the mess from pavements into an indoors enviroment (chewing gum, spit, dog mess etc!!).

I imamgine you may not have come accross this before, but I wear heels to work but take them off in the office first thing after arriving and usually leave them off all day and work in my tights feet. I find they really hurt my feet if I wear them all day (hope I don't sound odd!!).

The reasons are:

1) It is more comfy and I prefer it.

2) I think it is safer, we have fairly steep stairs which are hard to navigate in heels.

3) It gives more freedom of movement.

4) Efficency - I find it easier rushing around the office in stockinged feet.

5)It is healier - having feet in shoes all day can't be great.

6) Hopefully it helps create an informal, relaxed atmosphere.

7) It is easier in the bad weather - just wear my wellies and sometimes don't even take shoes with me.

Also, I believe it is possible to look smart and business-like (I usaully wear suits etc) and still be in stockinged feet.

Hope this helps explain a little, but any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Sandro said...

Thank you, Karen )
I agree with every word of yours )
I'm from Gerogia, I mean the Republic of, not the US state;
It's quite common here to remove one's shoes when visiting people's homes ( maybe not that common as in the neigboring Azerbaijan), but sadly not so common in offices (

Karen said...

Hi Sandro - are you male or female.

Thanks for your kind comments - it's not that common in the UK, but I just prefer it.

Sandro said...

I'm male, and I also remove my shoes at my office: I'm alone in my office, which is a separate fort in a compound, and our cleaning ladies cannot come there often, so I finally switched to the shoes-off mode, which I like very much, but maybe I'm alone in my city doing so )

Ian said...

I agree with this post, can't really disagree with that and I thank you for making this crystal clear. :)

Sounds fair enough to me and I don't have any complaints regarding it either.

Karen, I agree with your mum. ;) lol

(Changed my name too, formally sneakerman)

Since the subject changed to work, I found a very old notice from my factory which displayed that outdoor shoes were not permitted outwith the changing rooms. Employees used to have to wear flimsy white anti-static dolly shoes. Needless to say that I didn't dare apply for a job while this was going on. :D I'll link a photo of it tomorrow in the signage part of this blog. :)

Matthew Celestis said...

Thanks for continuing to read this blog.

richyrich said...

Karen, I agree with all the reasons you've given for taking shoes off in an office. Has your boss ever expressed an opinion on the matter? And I can't understand why your ex boyfriend should have hated the idea of you being in stockinged feet (did he ever give a reason for that?( I also don't agree with your mum that it's unprofessional to go shoeless in an office.
I don't know if you have seen them but if you look back on past postings on this site (I won't repeat all I said in them so as not to bore other readers)you'll see that I've said about a young woman I worked with several years ago in an office and she nearly always took off her shoes as soon as she arrived at work and spend the whole day in her stockinged feet. The reason she gave was that she simply didn't like wearing shoes.

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I agree with this post, can't really disagree with that and I thank you for making this crystal clear. :)

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