Friday, September 23, 2011

Jane Norman

I was in Watford  Harlequin shopping centre and went past a fashion retailer called Jane Norman. I noticed the assistant dressing the window display had removed her shoes and was in her bare feet.

I have no idea whether that is a company policy in Jane Norman stores, but respect to that girl for her concern and carefulness. These days a lot of assistants don't bother removing their shoes before stepping into shop windows.


Tasha said...

I mentioned on here a while back that in the store I work in (Edinburgh Woolen Mill) the staff are required to remove their shoes when cleaning /dusting the windows.

You are correct, I have seen a lot of shop where they don't do this.

Apart from anything else shoes can leave marks on the floor in the window.

Also, sometimes e.g Xmas we put wrapping paper on the floor in the window as part of the display.

Matthew Celestis said...

Nice to see you again, Tasha.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent blog, One thing that nobody mentioned is newscasters. Many of them are in stockinged feet when they broadcast in studio so as not to scratch the hardwood floor. Very ofen their producers request they slip out of their heels so viewers don't hear the flopping sounds of their shoes agsint the floor. Has anyone else seens tv news presenters dbroadcasting in their stockinged feet.

Sandro said...

Never heard this interesting thing, Anonymous.
I know photographers may ask their models to remove their shoes not to have their floor (usually white) scratched. I've seen this in Antonioni's Blow-Up and in some documentaries.

Matthew Celestis said...


I have known newscasters having their shoes off, but I have not heard of it being requested by producers.

Sandro said...

so do musicians on record at studios if floor is squeaky, yet this has no regard to this blog

Matthew Celestis said...

Yes, this is a blog specifically about removing shoes in homes.

I have written posts like this one about removing shoes in shop windows or in police cells. My point is draw attention to the practical necessity of removing shoes in different circumstances.

Sometimes people talk about removing shoes as if it is as intimate as removing clothing. Yet there are a wide variety of circumstances in life where removing shoes is a necessity.

This ought to mean that it is not something weird or strange when somebody asks you to remove your shoes in their home.

Sandro said...

I don't mean where, but why. I think removing shoes at studios not to pass noise to microphones is a reason far from those advocated by this blog.

Matthew Celestis said...

True, but wanting to reduce noise levels is a good reason for having a shoes-off policy.

Sandro said...

Sure, Mat )

richyrich said...

Do you know of any specific instances of producers requesting newscasters to remove their shoes in the studio? Are there any in the UK?

Sandro said...

Different examples show just one thing: shoes are not for indoors by their nature, and you can never predict what kind of discomfort and inconvenience they are going to bring.

Anonymous said...

I know shes not a newsreader but Anthea Turner often goes shoeless on TV.

I read an intyervie where she said that when she was presenting GMTV she often slipped her shoes off, and was sometimes caught out when she had to stand up and could'nt find them!!

Also, on her Perfect Housewife TV show she was barefoot a lot. She visited people's homes to advise them and invariably took her shoes off and was barefoot or in socks.

In another programme she was talikng about dinner parties and said when she was hosting she always wore a dress or trousers with barefeet.

Moderate Mouse said...

In my experience even if a guest does take their shoes off, it generally happens further into the day or evening (especially if one is about to do something that of itself warrants shoelessness) rather than right upon entering a home. For instance, while my boyfriend does not have a shoes off rule, I have nonetheless had mine off in his apartment a few times, but it's generally been an eventual thing rather than an immediate thing (and he'd have his off by then as well) and it'd generally be just before we were about to do something that warranted shoe removal (which I'll leave at that).

On the flip side, he's been to my house--in which I live with my mom and stepdad--only once for dinner.
Because of the circumstances at the time, I had on actual shoes like everyone else. He's coming over again on Saturday (probably late morning) provided nothing conflicts with that. Especially since things will likely be more relaxed at that time, I'm thinking I'm going to be in my slippers then like I normally am at home and only grab shoes if/when we decide to go for a walk or something.