Friday, October 21, 2011

Great Comment

A great comment on this post.

"If you come over to my house, you don't get to have sex on my bed. You also don't get to pick your nose in front of me, help yourself to the contents of my closet or jewelry box, eat food I haven't set out for you (unless you're a stay-over houseguest), and any number of behaviors you might feel entitled to indulge in at your home.

Most of this is a combination of common sense and manners, both of which are culturally construed. If you're still so wet behind the ears you don't know there's a divide on some fronts, such as wearing shoes inside, then you'll probably soon learn that once you start hosting or attending parties.Because it's not a given, my friends all know in advance they will be removing their shoes in the entryway. (Well, except for outdoor/porch parties.) And of course I provide slippers. Anyone who values their sartorial shoe experience more than the company and conviviality at my parties is quite welcome to stay home. Not a problem! And probably not missed; I can always meet them in public or other venues.We have this *culture* in my home for many reasons, spiritual, philosophical, hygienic, and practical as well as laziness (I have enough to clean up after a party, thank you very much) and monetary (track mud on my $5,000 wool rug--I don't think so)...

It's footwear, people, not underwear. Make whatever peace you need to and move on to something more deserving of your attention."


Emma said...

Hi Richy,

Sorry I have'nt posted as promised.

Been on 2 sittings, one of which (finally) was a shoes off home, although, of course I took mine off in both.

I have been trying to find some smart slippers, but so far no joy.

Whilst looking I explained to one shop assistant that I wanted them for work and she said that she wished she could wear slippers in work!!

Hope you are well, and to hear from you again soon.

Emma said...


I would love to continue chatting with you either on here or by e-mail.

Please let me know if you would like to otherwise I will assume that you are no longer interested.

richyrich said...

Hi Emma,
I would very much like to continue chatting with you too. Sorry I didn't post earlier but I was away over the weekend and was unable to access this site.
I'd like you to e-mail me if it's OK with you and as I said previously on here the address is I hope you had a nice weekend, did you get up to much?
Anyway I hope you're OK and I look forward to hearing from you again soon,


Emma said...

Hi Richy,

Just to let you know i have sent you an e-mail - hope you receive it.

Ian said...

I'm not really a party or people person so having to walk about without shoes in a busy enviroment is just hell.

Guest slippers are a no go either. :(

Katrina said...

Hi Emma,

I hope you don't mind me joining this dicussion.

I work in a travel agents in Hereford in the Uk and always wear slippers in work.

I wear courts to work and change into slippers. I would happily supply with details of where i get them if it would help.

Matthew Celestis said...

Ian, perhaps in a quieter, smaller gathering with people you like, having shoes off might not be such an issue?

Sandro said...

Hello, Katrina, what do you think about taking shoes off at people's homes?

Matthew Celestis said...

Katrina, I remember somebody from Hereford commenting a while ago. Was that yourself?

Ian said...

I would agree Matthew. The large groups that contain randoms would be off putting to me however smaller meetings with those I really care about would seem fine and more appropriate for informality. Guess it just comes down to who i'm comfortable with to just be myself. :)

Shanon said...

I couldnt agree with you more or said it better myself!! I do not wear shoes in my house and have such a problem with people not wanting to take off their shoes like what is the big deal? I always say they can bring their slippers and I also have a lot of my own slippers here or I provide socks! Every home has their own rules like at my mother in laws house there is no alcohol allowed! It shouldnt be an insult its just what a person may or may not like!! Thanks for saying it so well

Matthew Celestis said...

Thanks a lot for visiting, Shanon.

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I would agree Matthew. The large groups that contain randoms would be off putting to me however smaller meetings with those I really care about would seem fine and more appropriate for informality.

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