Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weblog of Zoe Winters: Please Remove Your Shoes

Weblog of Zoe Winters: Please Remove Your Shoes

"I had a party recently and had people over. There is a no-shoe policy in my house. We have laminate floors and while they “Tell you” they don’t damage as easily as hardwood floors, if it’s true then hardwood floors must be super fragile. Also, I don’t know how it is with hardwood, but I’ve noticed with my laminate it tracks in ALL dirt. You can think your shoes are totally clean and walk across the floor and leave prints. Weirdly, I walk around outside without shoes quite often, and when I come in, I rarely track in dirt. For some reason, while it’s not universally true, bare feet tend to track less of anything around. You may pick up some dirt, but it’s unlikely the dirt will transfer back onto every surface (unless you were walking in mud). But shoes? Forget about it.

So part of my no-shoe policy is about not having to spend all my time mopping up after what others have tracked in. Because I HATE mopping. Another small part is about not damaging floors with scuff marks from black-soled shoes, or scratches and such from heels. That’s part of it, and a big part of it."


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Mary said...

We are hosting Thanksgiving for my husband's family this year. Everyone is fine with the "no shoes" rule except for his mother and step-dad, somehow they are of the notion that just because they "like to leave their shoes on in the house" that it should be ok that they track in dirt and god knows what onto our clean floors. Maybe they'd like if I came to their house and crapped on their carpet? I can say, "Oh, I like to do this in the living room." LOL

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