Sunday, December 25, 2011

Seasonal Greeting

I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas, if you celebrate it.

If you have relatives staying with you, I do hope they have taken their shoes off.


Moderate Mouse said...

I hope you had a good Christmas too.

I spent pretty much all of Christmas Eve with my fiance. He even went with me to the Christmas Eve service that was at the church I had been attending.

His original plan for Christmas day was to spend it with his mom, but that plan had fallen through so he was able to make it to the family gathering at my place. In addtion to us was my mom and stepdad (whom I live with), my sister, her two kids (one nine-year-old boy and one four month-old girl), and the father of her second kid. After my sister and her family left, I went with my fiance over to his place for a little bit.

Did you do anything exciting this year?

Matthew Celestis said...

Thanks. I just spent some time with my family.