Friday, January 13, 2012

daFUXup: Removing your Shoes

daFUXup: Removing your Shoes

It’s just our rule in the house: Remove Your Shoes Upon Entering.

Why is that? Do we think we have such a clean and pristine house that we simply allow no dirt to sully our fancy carpet and floors? Hell no. That’s nowhere near the reason. Let me take a minute and explain.

In various cultures, it is customary to remove your shoes upon entering a house. It’s customary in Japan, for example, and also it’s the custom of some homes based on religion. In our house, we don’t want people wearing shoes because of our wonderfully clean house. Our house isn’t any cleaner than anyone else’s house, and our carpets are actually in need of being replaced at the moment. Our rule about shoes is about not bringing the outside of the house INSIDE. In other words, once you enter our house, the outside world stays outside, or at least it stays at the front door, and doesn’t actually come into our house. Now, of course it also keeps any additional dirt from coming into the house too, but that’s not the reason we ask people to remove their shoes upon entering. We take great care to create our inside world here and we don’t want the outside world allowed in…pure and simple.

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