Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Years Eve Party

I was at a small New Years Eve party last night.

Apparently the hostess had asked the family that arrived before me to all take their shoes off. The husband had not heard this and kept his shoes on. His wife had changed into slippers and she had brought his slippers along.

The hostess politely asked the guy to remove his shoes from the carpet. However, he was in a cheerfully rebellious mood and kept them on for a while.


Anonymous said...

I have a simple solution to all of this; what do you think of my idea? If one were to have a party and knew in advance that the carpet/floors had to be protected, couldn't hospital booties be supplied at the front door and merely slipped over ones shoes? Sure seems like a logical alternative. As a matter of fact, I may start to carry a pair in the glove compartment just in case I run into that situation which happens once in great while.

Matthew Celestis said...

Shoe covers don't fit on high heeled shoes very easily.

If somebody really didn't want to take their shoes off and brought a shoe cover, that's fine, but I wou;dn't encourage people to do that. I certainly don't think hosts should be obligated to provide them in lieue of people taking their shoes off.

I think most people would feel far sillier walking around in shoe covers as though they were in a crime scene than they would just taking their shoes off.

Thanks a lot for visiting.

Sandro said...

Shoe covers/booties can tear, and all dirt will come down on floor. Shoe covers are not hermetic either, with the same result for liquid mud. Finally, feet look nice if well treated, while booties never do.

Anonymous said...

If shoe covers are good enough for hospitals I'm sure they are good enough for people's precious home floors and carpet. Sheesh. Some people also need to wear shoes and not walk around barefoot.

Matthew Celestis said...

Surgical staff aren't wearing shoe covers over high heeled shoes.

How many times do I have to say that if somebody has a medical reason for needing to keep their shoes on that is fine?

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Some people also need to wear shoes and not walk around barefoot.

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