Monday, January 16, 2012

We're not all Sherlock Holmes

In discussions on this subject, it is often suggested that those who want to keep their home shoe-free should simply leave their shoes by the door and thus anybody visiting will pick up the clue and know to remove their shoes.

I very much doubt that will be enough. When being welcomed into a home, most guests are likely to have their attention on the host's greetings and are not likely to notice what is sitting by the door.

Even if the guest does notice, they may not always pick up on this. After all, I have been to plenty of homes where shoes are left by the door without the hosts either wanting a shoe-free home or always being shoeless themselves. A guest may think the shoes left by the door were discarded when it was wet or muddy or just removed after an hard day's work.

If you want people to take their shoes off, you are going to have to show a bit of confidence and ask politely.


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Anonymous said...

It is mandatory to remove your shoes before entering our home. We were blessed with twins & one of them was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer that could have been worse due to the environment and all the toxins we step on EVERY day! I have asked people to remove shoes for years before we had our babies so it is really no problem for me to ask ANYONE & EVERYONE to remove their shoes. For the professionals that need to enter & due to OSHA regulations I provide bunny slippers. I also make sure those that enter wear socks-you don't know what goes on in their houses!!! Just sayin'

Matthew Celestis said...

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Anonymous said...

I respect other people's homes and if they ask me to remove my shoes, I am happy to. Don't do it at our home though, never have unless they are obviously dirty. We do wipe our feet before entering, so the shoes are clean-ish. I don't think there is really much risk of your average person becoming ill from the floor. We don't lick our floor and certainly wouldn't even if people took shoes off before entering!
My floor is clean enough to walk on. The idea of someone's bare foot on the floor is no more tasteful to me than a shoe quite frankly - a bare and slightly clammy foot is more likely to pick up 'stuff' than a shoe sole.

As I said, I respect other people's rules, but I do feel uncomfortable being barefoot - that's MY skin touching their floor and I don't know how clean it is. Do you figure because no shoes traipse about that the floor is clean and doesn't need to be washed as regularly? If you drop a piece of food on the floor do you eat it because no outside shoes have been there first? How about if you have a pet? People who have pets can't seriously think it's any cleaner?? How about those poor people who suffer from stinky feet? It would be hard for them to remove their shoes knowing their shoes will pong. People who live at the home have something else to put on, but I don't 'byo' shoes so I have to walk barefoot wondering what my clean feet are touching. So, Yes I do it at other people's homes out of respect, but only out of respect, in most cases I think it is absolutely a waste of time.....I doubt those of us who leave our shoes on suffer any more illnesses than those who take them off. Plenty of more real ways to prevent 'germs'.

Matthew Celestis said...

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Ian said...

Most recent anonymous poster, I have the very same feelings as you have posted. Removing my shoes feels awkward but I will do if that is the thing to do.

My new girlfriend is firmly shoes off and the last few times i've been at her house she has usually left it for awhile before telling me to take them off. lol Although I will sneak them back on given the chance. Walking about I require my trainers, I have a medical issue and barefoot or hard dress shoes will cause me pain.

I offered a compromise to her, I'll bring up an old pair of trainers that I only wear in my house and i'll swap them with my regular trainers at her house. She seems happy to oblige but she will still make me take those off before going upstairs. lol

That said, if I know my shoes are dirty or wet then i'll either take them off at the door or just stay outside. :)

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buddy2blogger said...

Interesting post. Checked it out due to the presence of Sherlock Holmes in the post title.