Monday, April 30, 2012

Childminding Service

I was delivering some Conservative party leaflets for the election on Thursday. One of the houses I delivered to had a signpost outside advertising its childminding service. I was pleased to see a rack of shoes outside the door.

A lot of childminders have a shoes-off rule in their homes for hygiene reasons and it is something encouraged by Ofsted, the body that inspects childminders.


Katie said...

You've mentioned bridal shops and childminding services can i add another one?

I work as a sales exec on a development of new houses. Although, we provide shoes covers for visitors to our showhomes I fine them very fiddly when going in anf out all the time and just go stockinged footed. As you can imagine it is impossible to keep shoes clean on site in this weather.

Matthew Celestis said...

Very good, Katie.

Those shoe covers don't fit onto heels very well either.

Thanks for visiting.

Sandro said...

neither do they look elegant