Sunday, April 01, 2012

"Take Your Shoes Off At The Door" by Linda Winchell

"Take Your Shoes Off At The Door" by Linda Winchell

A nice poem.


niale said...

Here is a little poem that I wrote to get people remove there shoes:
As you can see I try to keep my floors clean and neat,could you do them a favor and walk on them only in your stocking feet,thank you
This seems to work rather well

Matthew Celestis said...

Very good.

Anonymous said...

Not sure whethere this will interset you or not, but I called into an estate agents here in the UK this morning.

There appeared to be just one young lady working there (maybe because of the holidays and it being a Sat).

Anyway when she got up to show me deatils of various properties I saw she was in slippers. She was wearing a dark grey dress, black opaque tights and cream mules slippers!!

As we finished chatting I asked if they were slippers and she said "they are sorry"). I asked her why she was wearing the mand she just smiles and said "It's Saturday".

Matthew Celestis said...

It's not unheard of.