Monday, August 13, 2012

French Student Arrived

My mother teaches English as a foreign language. Throughout the summer she has had students staying with her.

While I was there this weekend, a French student arrived. When she came in, she asked if she should remove her shoes. My mother explained that she would need to remove her shoes before going upstairs, where there was light carpet, but she could wear them downstairs where there is wood flooring.

So my mother is currently in the 'no shoes upstairs' camp.


Sandro said...

Hello, CF,
So does the student wear shoes in the ground floor?

Matthew Celestis said...

So far she has not. She was barefoot during her English lesson yesterday.

My mother usually removes her shoes when she comes in at the door herself.

Matthew Celestis said...


She was wearing flip flops for her lesson today. I wondered whether they were for indoor or outdoor use. Then she removed them before going upstairs.

Sandro said...

Thank you for clarification)
Must be outdoor since she's removed them before going upstairs, or she could think no shoes are allowed on the first floor.

Victoria said...


I know it's not relevant to this post, but I think you have raised this issue before.

I have recently been offered a job working in a Bridal Shop (start in a fortnight) and they have a rule that staff either wear slippers or stockinged feet, but no shoes.


Matthew Celestis said...

Well done on the job.

That seems to be the way in a lot of bridal shops.

Bob said...

Intersting post Victoria...what is their policy for customers?
What are you going to to do sliipers or stockings?

Victoria said...


Thanks - I am not sure if it applies to customers or not.

I am trying to find some slippers but it is really hard. A lot of shop are only now getting them in ,and a lot are either fluffy or old peoples style!!

Kelsi said...

First time reader to your blog. I happened to stumble across it when doing a simple google search. I am putting new carpet in my entire house that is very light. I am thinking of making a switch to a shoes off rule, but wasn't sure how to go about it.

Sandro said...

Hello, Kelsi,
Few pairs of shoes in a shoe-rack at the door and the host's feet without shoes usually serve a sufficient hint for visitors. If they prove not enough, you can simply ask. You need to understand there's nothing rude in asking your visitors to remove their shoes: first, it's your house, your rules; second, your request is reasonable as nobody from your guests is going to buy you a new carpet; third, you give your visitors a chance to enjoy the policy of shoes off and understand how wise it is.
If you still feel wrong about it, you can inform your visitors in advance about the shoes-off rule.

Matthew Celestis said...

Very sensible, Kelsi. I suggest you just ask people politely to take your shoes off. They really won't bite your head off!

Emmajayne said...

Hi Victoria,

I am sure you will be fine.

If you are looking for slipppers have you tried Ruby and Ed - they have some great styles that are smart.

I wear them in the office all the time even in front of clients.


Elaine Smith said...

It has been many years but,I do recall going to my classes in stocking feet,sometimes we had to but we always had to be in stocking feet before we entered the gym