Thursday, February 07, 2013

Triel Baenre

A picture of Triel Baenre, Matron Mother and ruler of Menzoberranzan in the Forgotten Realms novels. In a scene in Siege of Darkness, Triel Baenre asks Jarlaxle to remove his shoes before stepping on her carpet.

I commissioned the excellent Joseph Guiterrez to draw this.

Triel Baenre was created by R.A. Salvatore. Forgotten Realms is the property of Wizards of the Coast.


Anonymous said...

On Wednesday I attended a course as part of my job. It was held at a hotel and lasted all day with colleagues from other offices within our company there.

There was a space at the back of the room where people had left there coats. Together with the coats was pair of wellies. It had been snowing in the morning, although it turned to rain and I assumed someone had just changed into shoes. Latter on though i saw a young lady in a skirt and stockinged feet. Chatting to her over coffee she siad she did'nt know whether to bring boots or heels to change into and decided just to go in her stockinged feet. She stayed like that all day including at the lunch.

Also, during the afternoon session the lady leading the course had removed her ankle boots and was just in her socks.

Anyone experinced anything similar?

UNZE said...

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Anonymous said...

This is a bit strange, why would she choose to be in stockinged feet? What was her outfit like?

Anonymous said...

I saw a young woman being "marched" out of dept store in our town centre by a secutity guard this morning.

No idea why, especially, given the weather, but she was shoeless. She was quite scrfuffy in a casual jacket, jeans and socked feet. No sign of a bag or shoes!! Plus, the soles of her socks, which were blue and white stripes were black.

Matthew Celestis said...

How unusual.

Sandro said...

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