Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Wildly-Domestic: Shoe Debacle

Wildly-Domestic: Shoe Debacle

"When I was young my house had a no shoe rule. When friends came over I would ask them to please remove their shoes as I did the “my parents are insane” eye roll. Teenage attitude aside, the habit taught me to be courteous when entering other people’s homes. I would always hesitate when entering and ask “should I take off my shoes?” Now that I own a home and am the “maid” I can’t help but want to implement my own no shoe rule. I’ve been known to cringe as guests walk across my beautiful hardwood floors as squeaks echo up from their mildly wet shoes. Or to voice out an irritated “TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES!” when I know they’ve been trampsing through mud and/or snow. But it isn’t just mud and dirt that I (and you) should be worried about. There are a lot of other dangers lurking into your home on the soles of shoes."

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