Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Rianovosti: Russian Woman Faces Trial for Slapping Barefoot Policeman – Prosecutors

Woman Faces Trial for Slapping Barefoot Policeman – Prosecutors

"MOSCOW, August 29 (RIA Novosti) – A Russian woman who hit a policeman in the face and forced him out of her apartment leaving him barefoot, has been charged with using violence against a police officer, prosecutors said Thursday.
The police officer knocked on the door of the 26-year-old woman’s apartment in the town of Shumerli in the Volga River republic of Chuvashia after her neighbors complained about loud music she had been playing at about 4 a.m. on June 24, the Chuvashian prosecutor’s office said in a statement.
The woman refused to turn the music down, but let the policeman in, the statement said. After taking his shoes off, as visitors traditionally do when entering homes in Russia, the policeman turned the music off. That apparently enraged the woman, who hit him in the face and forced him out of the apartment – without his shoes.
Despite the officer’s pleas, she refused to let him back or return his shoes, abusing him with “unrepeatable cursing,” the statement said."

How very polite of the Russian police officer to remove his shoes before entering the house!


Anonymous said...

I have been staying with my Mother recently (in the UK) as she has been in hospital.

She is now back home but has carers calling in three times a day. Although, she does'nt have a shoes off rule she does prefer it.

The carers are absolutely fantastic, but none of them have offered to remove their shoes and I am a bit reluctant to bring the subject up!!

Although, none of them have walked dirt in they do usually wear trainers or croc type shoes which leave tread marks on the carpets.

Just wondering whether anyone else has experienced anything similar or has any advice. I wonder whether it is a health and safety issue although we would be more than happy if they changed into slippers or something.

Incidentally, we have also had the Dristic Nurse and she never offers to reomove her shoes either!!

Sandro said...

Shoes worn indoors significantly increase the probability of infections etc. I think asking them to remove their shoes is a necessary care measure especially while your mother is ill. An option could be shoes never worn outside - better with soft soles not to damage the floor and bother your mother. Shoe covers don't work as they can be torn, and dirt from shoes can penetrate etc.

Matthew Celestis said...

I am sure they would not be offended if you brought the subject up.

If you can't make a simple request like that, how can you discuss more serious aspects of your mother's care with them?

Karen said...

When I was preganat my midwife alwys took her shoes off when visiting - without me asking and this was about 18 months ago in the UK.

I am sure they will be fine about it if you mention it.

The Distict Nurse did'nt do it automatically but was happy to once i mentioned that we prefered shoes off in our house (we live on a farm and stables).

I think they are quite used to having this request for either religous or customs reasons.

I doubt it is anything to do with health and safety - I work in an office abd have'nt been wearing them since returning from maternity leave and have encountered no prblems at all.

Mark said...

A few months ago a workman came to the house. His shoes were muddy and unasked hum if he shoe covers. His reaction was " they aren't that muddy" So I gave him the choice of taking his boots off or not doing the work for us. He took off his shoes.
I am amazed that workman here in The UK expect to simply waltz into your house without even offering to remove their boots. To be fair the Sky engineers either take off their shoes or carry covers.
When used i to do home visits I always took off my shoes at the door,

Sandro said...

Anonymous, it'd be very kind of you if you'd share the feedback when you talk to the nurses.

Anonymous said...

Karen - can you please explain what you mean by not wearing them since you returned from maternity leave?

Matthew Celestis said...

Mark, you are right, Sky engineers are pretty good.