Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Sarah Rounding: 'Please Remove Your Coat and Shoes'

Sarah Rounding: 'Please Remove Your Coat and Shoes'

An interesting piece of artwork on this topic. The artist comments:

"In most peoples homes shoes are removed on entry but because I suffer from contamination OCD it becomes imperative that this rule is followed. This etiquette can be quite embarrassing for both parties; some will refuse or not realise and have to be asked to remove them, other people can be self conscious of their feet and will be anxious of removing their shoes in public.

I want this piece to ambiguous in its role leaving the viewer to question whether it should be used to hang their coats on or if they should remove their shoes as they enter the space. It follows a well defined practice of using readymade objects in a gallery context and this could cause the viewer to see it as the art object rather than experiencing it as something to interact with and use. I decided not to display any coats, shoes or hats as part of this installation to make it appear like a functional space for the viewer to use rather than a display, the only omission to that is the plant on the stand, which has symbolic connotations. Plants help filter the air and this plant in particular, the Peace Lily, removes harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, purifying the space without the use of harsh chemicals. The ambiguity of this piece of work will be what provokes a reaction within the viewer and this is why I have not included any instructions, which order the viewer to perform, just a simple request within the title of the work."

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window cleaner in Phoenix, AZ. I have noticed that most of my window cleaning customers in Phoenix answer the door barefoot or there are shoes left right inside or just outside the door. After lots of etiquette research I have started removing my shoes before entering all of my customer's homes. I have received all positive responses and will continue this practice.