Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stellibell Life: Be Swedish and Remove Your Shoes

Stellibell Life: Be Swedish and Remove Your Shoes

'In Sweden (and in my house) we all remove our shoes before entering the house. In the quest of creating a natural and healthy home this is an important step. By removing your shoes you are preventing outdoors contaminants such as pesticides from coming indoors, not to mention saving you time from constantly cleaning. Don’t be afraid to ask your visitors to remove their shoes. They will appreciate you shared a new customs that they can start using as well.'


Elain Smith said...

always a good idea and not only in Sweden

Anonymous said...

I think in many Western countries outside of Scandinavia (UK, France, Italy, Spain, most of the US) is is considered very rude to ask your visitors to remove their shoes.

Matthew Celestis said...

Considered rude by what? 80% of people in those countries, 60% of people, 55% of people?

Obviously some people think it is rude and other people do not. Such questions are a matter of opinion.

I am British and I do not think it is rude, some British people might think it is rude, though not as many would as in Italy or Spain.

Mat said...

I'm puzzled as how asking someone to remove their shoes is rude. Your house. Your rules. They are guests in it. I paid for the carpets and I clean them. You comply by the homeowners wishes. That should always be respected. This doesn't mean that I wouldn't allow them entry if they refused. But my feelings on the matter would be known, politely. As regards Sweden. Are you going to argue with an entire nation?

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