Sunday, March 02, 2014

Put That On Your Blog: Take you shoes off

Put That On Your Blog: Take you shoes off

'In civilized countries like Ukraine, everyone takes their shoes off when they enter a private residence. Beside every door is some kind of shoe cubby with house slippers that you switch into for the duration of your visit.

Now, I hear your American qualms squealing, “Ew! Sharing shoes is unhygenic! What is this, a bowling alley? And doesn’t that take like a gazillion years out of your day to take your shoes off and put them back on every time you go into someone’s house? You’re seriously chipping away at your Candy Crush time with all that added work.”

I thought so when I first moved to Ukraine, too, but you know what is actually unhygenic? Traipsing those shoes that have been all over the Metro across the bedroom carpet your babies crawl on. In my house, we’ve been obeying the no shoe rule for years. In combination with the food stays in the kitchen rule, the no shoe rule has kept our carpets here virtually as pristinely renter beige as the day we moved in–Ack! '

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