Thursday, March 06, 2014

Sneakers without Socks

Recently I have noticed a lot of girls and women wearing sneakers (we call them trainers in the UK) without socks. Has this come back into fashion?

I remember back in the 90s, a lot of people used to wear sneakers without socks. When I was 15, I went to a barbecue at another kid's house. The weather changed and as we headed inside, he asked us all to take our shoes off. One of the girls was wearing sneakers without socks. She refused to go inside because she did not want to be barefoot. Back then, removing shoes in homes was a lot less common. I often kept my shoes on when visiting friends. These days the girl probably would have expected to have to take her shoes off when going inside.


Anonymous said...

At my place, guests never have to take off their shoes because the floors are protected with cowhide rugs, zebra skins, sheepskins, and other animal skin rugs. They can handle the bottom of dirty shoes much better than carpets and hardwood floors. In fact, sometimes I have the opposite problem: some guests will walk around the rugs to avoid stepping on them so I have to tell them the animal hides are there to protect the hardwood floors. The only time they need to remove their shoes is when they wish to put up their feet on the couch or furniture.

Anonymous said...

Wearing sneakers without socks has been around for a long time. Some sneakers or running shoes are designed to be worn without socks. Converse and Nike's tend to be worn without socks. The thing about worn shoes, over time without socks, feet and footwear start to smell worse.

Anonymous said...

Wearing sneakers without socks has never been out. I live in Germany und I'm generally never wearing socks. When I visit my friends I always take my shoes off and run on bare feet. In the winter months there are sometimes funny occasions when I put my boots off and my bare feet stick out while wearing winter clothes.

Anonymous said...

Uggs are sexy without socks, especially with leggings and no underwear with a hoodie braless

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