Saturday, April 05, 2014

Coptic Churches and Removing Shoes

I posted recently about the custom of removing shoes in some Christian churches. A week ago, I came across a forum discussion about the Coptic practice:

Orthodox Scarves Worn During Communion and no shoes a Must for Women??

The Coptic tradition is to remove shoes before entering the sanctuary of the church to receive communion. The original post complains that this results in walking on a floor that is wet and dirty. This seems an understandable complaint; it is not always nice to walk shoeless on a floor that has been walked on by dirty shoes.

The obvious solution would be for the congregation to remove shoes before entering the church, so that the whole carpeted area stays clean. Perhaps they don't do that because they want to emphasize that the sanctuary is the most holy area of the church.

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Elain Smith said...

Well I read the link and it makes perfect sense to me as i stated before in our Lutheran church women and girls were required to remove shoes before going into the chapel,and the comment about the respect for the alter made sense I never asked why we had to go in stockinged feet but no one said anything about it.I have also found quite a few baptist woman are in stockinged feet in the chapel and as I recall the men always wiped their feet so there was no worries about getting your stockings dirty and I recall hearing women who brought friends (mostly woman) when they arrived they simply said "and we can leave our shoes here." they had no problem going in stocking feet whatsoever,just thought I would put my 2 cents in thanks.