Saturday, June 07, 2014

Simply D Constructed- Hump Day Confessions #17: Take Off Your Shoes & Stay A While

Simply D Constructed- Hump Day Confessions #17: Take Off Your Shoes & Stay A While

'Am I stereotyping? Probably a little. But this is coming from an Asian who grew up taking her shoes off, as a visitor and as person living in her mom's house. (And eating a lot of rice, ha!) It's a hard habit to kick, but a good one to keep. I'd like to think that:
A) Taking your shoes off is a sign that you feel comfortable in someone's home. When they ask you to remove your shoes, it is a sign that they find comfort and trust your company well enough to invite you to stay. (my attempt at interpreting a philosophical purpose in the matter)
B) You don't want outside business on your floors. Isn't this just common sense?

Imagine you are at a public restroom. Then later on you come home and are traipsing all over your house. Enough said, book closed. Forget about it. Take your shoes off, and throw them away. (No - just kidding, that's wasting money and we are a bit frugal here.)'


Anonymous said...

We are currently house hunting and at the weekend visited a new housing development near us (in the UK).

It is being built by a local company and a lady from the selling agents was working in the showhome.

Although we were provided with shoe covers, it was noticeable that she had changed out of shoes and was wearing slippers.

Sandro said...

While it's still more or less ok to wear covers for a brief visit (if the covers are strong enough/weather is dry/shoes have no high heels), the choice is unlikely acceptable in case of long stay. So it's very right choice of the lady not to use covers.

Bob said...

I would imagine that shoes covers for a woman even over flats would be uncomfortable to wear all day