Friday, August 01, 2014

What do they do in Worcester?

Those of you who followed this blog in the early days might be aware I used to live in Worcester. It seems like such a long time since those days. I found this:

Worcester: Welcome to Friendly Worcester

The study, by Turtle Mat, primarily examined nationwide attitudes to cleanliness, judged on the number of people who take their shoes off when in their own home and ask guests to do the same.

And in a quintessentially British trait the majority of people always take their shoes off when in their own homes, but a lot are too polite to ask guests to do the same.

This trend was true for Worcester with 85 percent of people saying they always remove their shoes in their own home but almost two thirds would not ask guests to follow suit.

This is such a typically British stance. Taking one's own shoes off, but not minding guests coming in with shoes on. I think I prefer bolshy Americans who insist on shoes off for everybody who steps past the door.


Bob said...

Hi Matthew, I am glad that you are in sync with Americans such as my wife and I who ask visitors to take off their shoes as they enter.
A few weeks ago a couple invited us to their home for dinner. I see the woman most days at the gym and it was she who did the inviting while we were at the gym. I remember over hearing a conversation that she was having with another woman and saying that she preferred visitors not wear shoes in her home. My wife has no hesitation about removing her shoes when visiting but is not always keen to do so barefoot. So as to avoid my wife being uncomfortable, I asked the woman if she preferred that visitors take off their shoes. She said that she did. Problem solved, when we arrived she did not need to ask and my wife was not made to feel uncomfortable by being barefoot.

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