Sunday, November 09, 2014

Today's Parent: Shoes on or off?: A surprisingly contentious issue

Today's Parent: Shoes on or off?: A surprisingly contentious issue

Article by Emma Waverman

'When you enter another person’s home, is it shoes on or shoes off? It’s a surprisingly contentious issue and, as we near the holiday season, one that merits discussion.

I grew up in a household where shoe removal was not mandatory—and it still isn’t with my family. If your shoes are dry and complement your outfit, then they can stay on, so long as they’re not on the furniture.'

However, I didn’t realize how strongly divided people were about footwear. For example, a woman living in Great Britain runs a blog called Shoes Off at the Door, Please which lists 37 reasons why people should remove their shoes when entering a house. She lists cleanliness and safeguarding the floors, but also that it simply creates a “more relaxing atmosphere.”'

I appreciate the mention. Of course, she is not the first person to wrongly assume I'm a lady.

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Mike said...

It really does create a more relaxing atmosphere. I personally am not comfortable unless my shoes are off.

Believe it or not, shoes off is a lot more common here in New York than some may realize. I also worked for many years on an overnight shift in an office that was so casual to where everyone removed their shoes and worked either in socks or slippers every night. At home, the shoes come off at the door where they belong and I remain in my socks, as that is how I am most comfortable.

I look at it this way, positive energy comes easier with a clear mind. You clear your mind by unwinding, you unwind by making yourself comfortable. I do that by removing my shoes, as everyone should.

Be free and be well.