Wednesday, February 04, 2015


I was in London today, having some training in professional boundaries. Boundaries are those rules and conventions which professionals like myself maintain. Things like not accepting phone calls from clients outside work hours, not mixing up work and politics, not lending money to clients are all boundaries.

Beginning the training, the facilitator asked us to offer examples of boundaries that we encounter in everyday life. I offered up the example of requiring shoes-off in homes.

Having a shoes-off rule is an important boundary; it marks out the fact that the home is the owner's private space and that it must be respected. One cannot expect to enter another person's home without taking into account the wishes and preferences of the person living there, however welcoming they may be.


Itinérante said...

I was discussing boundaries with my colleague this week... I find it a bit hard to grasp how people allow themselves to cross these... Sometimes they turn it into a joke and I stand there not knowing how to react.

(A side question: can we suggest something for this blog and how? (I do not want to turn to spam commentator =/))

Sandro said...

How did they react to your example?

Matthew Celestis said...

Itinerante, any ideas for posts are very welcome and I would welcome a guest post if you were prepared to write one.

Matthew Celestis said...

Sandro, it did not lead to a discussion, as other examples were forthcoming.

The facilitator said something like:

"That's a good example of an informal boundary. Some people have that rule in their homes and other people don't."

Sandro said...

Thank you, Mat.

Itinérante said...
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Itinérante said...

Thank you Matthew!

My suggestion was:
I love Valentine's day (not that I have any sweetheart or so but it is a very beautiful occasion to celebrate love, I think) and I thought it would be nice if you post from February 7 till 14 one things about shoes off that you love (something a bit more personal than reasons to keep a shoe free house) with a little picture or sign that goes with it =)
For example; February 7: I love to feel things under my feet, like carpets or such... (picture, not sure if it will show,

Matthew Celestis said...

That's a good idea.