Sunday, March 01, 2015 Why You May Have to Take Your Shoes Off at an Open House Why You May Have to Take Your Shoes Off at an Open House

It’s been a long week, and now you’re spending your weekend house hunting, running from one open house to another. You’re tired but still hopeful as you step into yet another home, only to be greeted with a command: Take off your shoes. What gives?

It might sound like a ridiculous request, but it’s not. Sellers have good reasons to make their open houses shoeless, but they should also take care not to offend buyers in the process.

What’s the big deal about shoes?

Sellers go through the trouble of making their homes sparkling clean before an open house, paying for that shine from their wallets or with their own sweat. Open houses can attract hundreds of people—and twice that number of feet—so some sellers want to reduce the chance of floor damage, like from the following


Paul Jones said...

A lot of realtors talk their clients out if making the potential buyers taking their shoes off, as it alienates a lot of people. Instead of making people take their shoes off, why not provide shoe covers?

Matthew Celestis said...

Thanks for dropping in.

There is the risk of putting off buyers and one of the regular commentors here says he was advised not to insist on it by his realtor we call them estate agents in the Uk).

On the other hand, some buyers might be attracted by it, as it shows the owners look after the property and they may like the softness of the carpet under their feet. Every buyer is different.

Shoe covers are an option, but they don't work well with high heeled shoes, which some buyers might be wearing.

Paul Jones said...

Very true about high heels - my understanding, though, is that most buyers would avoid wearing high heels to an open house - they are not the right shoes for the occasion.

I have been to open houses where the realtor, who had worn her high heels, was greeting the potential buyers in her stockinged feet, but she did provide shoe covers for those who wished to keep their shoes on (like me.)

Matthew Celestis said...

Good on her for taking off her shoes.

What do you think about the issues of wearing shoes in homes?

Paul Jones said...

Definitely good if her to take off her shoes. I asked her why she wasn't wearing the shoe covers she had supplied for potential buyers and she answered that she looked more professional in her stockinged feet and it also gave the visitors a reminder to take their shoes off or use the shoe cover.

I don't wear shoes at my home (I change into soft slippers right away when I come home), but I don't like going without shoes at other people's houses. If they insist on no shoes, I will bring clean shoes to change into.

Mark said...

I was house hunting last year and always took my shoes off. A house that does not allow shoes is going to have carpets and floors that are in better condition. When people came to look around my house I expected that they removed their shoes.

Chris Loomis said...

I look at lots of homes and are getting a bit annoyed about taking my shoes off so i normally only go with my agent and she is of the same mind and never enforces that request.

In a selling situation do you really want to inconvenience your buyers at all... i would understand if there is a storm or lots of dirt outside but other than that NO WAY.

If it is so important you should just put the runner down and take the inconvenience on yourself instead of every single person trying to buy.

Almost without exception i will never view a home that i am forced to take off my shoes

Just one buyers opinion... but i AM the buyer