Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fry Sauce and Grits: 12 Creative Ways to Ask Guests to Take Off their Shoes

Fry Sauce and Grits: 12 Creative Ways to Ask Guests to Take Off their Shoes

'Remember, your house is your home and you set the rules at your house. It’s never rude to enforce rules in your home. If people don’t follow your rules, they’re the ones being rude and disrespectful for not caring about you as an individual and the rules you’ve set place in your home.'


Candace (Bob's Wife) said...

It was my turn to host my bridge club. Including myself there was going to be eight women.
One of the woman new to the group.
To keep from running back and forth to the door while I was preparing food and drinks I left the front door open with the storm door closed so that the players could just walk in.
The first three to arrive did just that and hung their coats in the closet and deposited their shoes there as well. The fourth person to arrive, the new group member, was not wearing a coat. She walked in and joined the still on. Soon after she sat down one of the regular players noticed and told her of my house rule about shoes.
She hurriedly complied took off her shoes and carried them to the door. She apologized but stated that she was unaware of the rule and also did not see any shoes when she arrived. The point I am trying to make is that if you want people to remove their shoes you should tell them before hand or at the least leave a visible hint. To be clear I am not in favor of posting a sign.

Matthew Celestis said...

Thanks for dropping in, Candace. My mother is a huge Bridge enthusiast and is training to be a director.

As you say, it is better to let people know in advance, though that is not always possible.

Some people say you should not ask for shoes-off. The problem is that this lady found out later that shoes-off preferred and could have been very embarrassed. It's better to let people know what you want, otherwise they don't know where they stand.

Candace said...

Matthew Your mom must be one heck of a player to undertake being a director...good for her! My group plays solely for the social aspects of the game...friendship food and drink!
One of the other women in the group asked her to join us and probably did not think about it.
Had I not been busy prepping things and answered the door the issue would have been addressed then with a simple "would you mind leaving your shoes here"
There was no reason for her to be embarrassed as she was not forewarned, saw no visible signs as others had left their shoes in the closet,and when told she immediately complied.