Saturday, April 04, 2015

I am now a Catholic

Not that it has anything to do with removing shoes in homes, but I am now a Catholic. I was received into the Catholic Church at tonight's Easter Vigil Mass.

Many thanks to Bob from North Carolina and his wife for being a great example of Catholics who keep a shoe-free home.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Matthew. May you have a wonderful and Blessed Easter Season

Matthew Celestis said...

Thanks, Bob.

If you had lived in the UK, I'm sure I'd have asked you to be my sponsor.

Bob said...

Thank you Matthew I would have been honored.
Did you have a celebratory dinner to mark the occasion?

Matthew Celestis said...

No. My parents and sister came for the occasion and we had a quick drink in the pub a couple of hours earlier.

Elain Smith said...

Congrats I hope everything works out for you.