Sunday, May 17, 2015

Conservative Candidate asked to remove her shoes at election count

Demotix: Conservative candidate asked to remove shoes at election count station

Conservative Party Candidate Sue Arnold was asked to remove her high heel shoes for risk of damaging the wooden basketball floor at the Walsall Constituency vote count station on the basketball court at The University of Wolverhampton.

Unusually practical, but it seems a bit unfair to make only those ladies wearing high heeled shoes remove them. They might have had their feet trampled by the people wearing shoes.

At the election, I stood unsuccessfully as a Conservative candidate for Stevenage Borough Council (I came second). I therefore attended both the general and local election counts just over a week ago. Like this count in Walsall, the counts were held in a sports hall. However, the floor was in a terrible state of repair; covered in scratches and black marks. Presumably this was a result of being regularly used for public events. It was a sad sight.

When I was at sixth-form, exams were held in the gym, but they used to lay down plastic sheeting to protect the floor from the students' shoes. If they were not prepared to ask for shoes off at the election count, they could have could at least have done that.


Bob said...

When our Church was being rebuilt Masses were held in the school gym and during that time women were asked not to wear heels to Mass.
In looking at the picture which you posted with the story it appears that there is a woman over the right shoulder of Ms. Arnold who is wearing heeled boots. Was this a slight at the Conservatives!!!

Elain Smith said...

well that being said when I was growing up women and girls were not permitted to wear shoes in the chapel we had to take them off when we entered the building it was very liberating and comfortable it made us equal no matter who our dads were or husbands it brought us together as one I loved it and still remove my shoes in church

Mark said...

Elain, were Men and boys also expected to remove their shoes at the chapel?

Elain Smith said...

No mark the males kept theirs on it was just females and very young children, I always found it very comfortable and women I talked to didn't seem to mind at all going in stocking feet,since heels are power items it put us on on the same level as women and helped remind me to be humble before God.

Niel said...

Elain, Usually at what age do boys start wearing shoes?