Monday, May 18, 2015

Or was it her decision?

Sue Arnold: Friends, Yam-Yams and countrymen and women . . . you can take the girl out of Walsall but you can’t take Walsall out of the girl

I reported that an unsuccessful Conservative parliamentary candidate had been required to remove her high heeled shoes to protect the floor of the venue at the election count. However, on her blog she implies it was her own decision to remove them:

The reason for my ‘no shoe’ floor show was simple. My high heels could seriously damage the floor of the university’s Walsall campus sports centre where the count was taking place – and I have far more respect for the surface than to just keep pacing up and down causing unnecessary damage.

It's encouraging to see a Conservative candidate showing such courtesy and respect. Of course, a Conservative would see the value of maintaining property paid for by hard-working tax-payers.


Bob said...

I would state with a high degree of certainty that if Ms. Arnold were to be invited into the home of a potential constituent that she would remove her shoes if the situation warrrented

Matthew Celestis said...

I think you are right, Bob. I would also not be at all surprised if she prefers shoes off in her own home.