Monday, May 04, 2015

Pinoy Transplant in Iowa: Shoeless Party

Pinoy Transplant in Iowa: Shoeless Party

'Filipinos and shoes have some kind of notoriety, when Imelda Marcos was found to have more than 2000 pairs of shoes that she left behind in MalacaƱang Palace during the People Power Revolution in 1986. But that is a different subject altogether.

Not just in the Philippines, but many Asian countries have this common custom of taking off their shoes when entering their own home or somebody’s home. The practice is more cultural rather than religious. It also has a practical reason for it, like in Japan, where they sit, eat, and even sleep on the floor, so keeping street shoes off would maintain the cleanliness of the floor.'


Bob said...

A while back my wife went to a friend’s home to see her daughter who was going to a formal dance…women love that sort of stuff.
The woman is a very good friend of my wife and is very particular about her home.
Like many of my wife’s friends she has a no shoes policy, which is perfectly reasonable.
She however can carry it to extrems as I will explain.
My wife arrived and as always left her shoes at the door and went in stocking feet.
They helped her daughter get ready and when she was done they naturally wanted to take a picture.
The young lady was about to put her shoes on, which were brand new and had never been worn outdoors, to have her picture taken when her mother informed her in no uncertain terms that no shoes in the house meant no shoes.
Without any argument, she carried them to the door and posed for pictures in her stocking feet.
I would say that the mom was being a bit over the top. What do you think?

Matthew Celestis said...

I suppose she was. But I admire her resoluteness.

Kelly said...

Very much over the top, unreasonable, and OCD. Shame on her.