Thursday, July 30, 2015 Guests removing their shoes? Hosts love it or hate it Guests removing their shoes? Hosts love it or hate it

You go to someone's home wearing shoes that aren't — or, at least, don't appear to be — dirty. So, do you take them off, as a growing number of young people are doing? Do you leave them on? Or do you stand in the doorway, waiting for your host's instructions? (Followed, perhaps, by a brief lecture on bacteria, toxins and good old-fashioned D-I-R-T?)

The North Jerseyans we posed the question to on social media were almost evenly split on the matter.

Every American online newspaper seems to cover this topic in a general interest article at some point. I rarely see this topic discussed in British newspapers, except in the etiquette column.


Michael said...

This actually pleasantly surprised me to see that people in my area (I live in New York) are more inclined to take their shoes off than I expected. My guests usually remove theirs as well after they see a few pairs of my shoes lined up by the door, as I am always in socks when inside.

Matthew Celestis said...

I've heard it is fairly common in New York

Michael said...

It is becoming more common, you're right. In almost 30 years of being born and raised here, I've noticed it's a neighborhood thing. Some areas do, some don't.