Monday, August 03, 2015

Crime Survey Appointment

Thinking about whether to ask on arrival or inform in advance of a shoes-off rule....

I got selected, apparently at random, to take part in the National Crime Survey. The interviewer called at my door last week to arrange an appointment to do the interview. I had to make the decision as to whether to tell her I would expect shoes off or not. I decided not to bother telling her in advance. I assumed that if she was visiting lots of houses, she would probably be expecting to have to remove her shoes at some of them.

The lady came today. She was a very nice, elegant posh lady. I asked her to take her shoes off as we entered my apartment and she seemed fine about it. She came in barefoot, having removed her soft black loafers.


Candace said...

Bob showed me your post and I am happy that you tried my approach...woman are, in my experience, always much more amenable to removing their shoes when entering a home. I have had first time woman friends come over and had them ask where they should leave their shoes before I could even mention it. Now that may be because they noticed that I was shoeless.

Matthew Celestis said...

Hi Candace, thanks for dropping in. Your perspective is always useful.

I think men are usually amenable to removing their shoes, they just may not always think of doing so. They don't always think about these things. Though younger men may just assume that when you go in a house, you take your shoes off.