Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Texan Whines About Having to Remove his Shoes in Madison

Isthmus| Tell All: Don’t make me take my shoes off at your house!

The response:

"Call me a Madison native, but I think you’re making too big a deal out of this. Why not humor your hosts for a couple of hours? If walking around in socks is enough to ruin your evening, you’re the most delicate manly-man I’ve ever encountered.
That said, I have a solution to your problem. Next time a host asks you to remove your shoes, reply, “I’d rather not.” I doubt if even the most shoe-phobic Madison homeowner would take it to the next level and force you out of your precious boots.
For someone so concerned with masculinity, Hands Off, I’m surprised you hadn’t thought of simply standing up for yourself."

Indeed. This is an interesting response, as it is a point not often made. When people are asked to remove their shoes, they can always say no. Those of us who ask for shoes off must then either excuse them or tell them to beat it. Perhaps not everyone will feel confident to do that, but you should feel free to speak your mind. It's called communication. Those with a genuine medical reason for keeping their shoes on should certainly free to say no.

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Paul said...

I agree - if you are not comfortable taking your shoes off at someone's home, say so. This is what I do - and it works for me. That said, most houses I visit are shoes-on.