Sunday, January 31, 2016

Next Property #2

I viewed another property this morning. Unlike the other properties which all have wood floors, this apartment was carpeted. It was nice and the price was reasonable, but it is old and might need some work. It also had no allocated parking space, which might be a disadvantage.

I was pleased to see that the estate agent removed her shoes when entering the property.


Itinérante said...

Praying that you find the best place (:

Matthew Celestine said...

Many thanks.

Bob said...

Buying your first property is a stressful undertaking.
Good luck!
From what you posted it seems like the property market in the UK has remained firm.
That is certainly no the case in the US

Matthew Celestine said...

Low prices and not many buyers? I wish we could trade places!

Bob said...

I do as well. My wife and I would like to sell our home downsize a bit and move to Florida!