Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Next Property

I looked at another property, again a two-bedroom apartment. This one seems horribly overpriced compared to the previous property.

The tenant living there told me I could keep my shoes on, but it was pouring down with rain, so it didn't seem right keeping them on. She's a tenant and is moving out, so I suppose she was not terribly invested in the wood floors. She had a baby, however, which I think is a good reason in itself to insist on shoes coming off.

The estate agent kept her shoes on.


Paul said...

What you describe is more of the norm - everyone keeping their shoes on and allowing the visitor (or a potential buyer) to keep his shoes on too.

Matthew Celestine said...

Actually, the tenant was in slippers, not shoes.

The norm where you live in America?

The tenant suggesting I keep my shoes on did not surprise me. That's pretty common in my experience.

The estate agent not offering to remove her shoes in bad weather did surprise me.