Saturday, January 09, 2016

Reddit: Europeans, what is the norm in your country about wearing shoes inside a home?

Reddit: Europeans, what is the norm in your country about wearing shoes inside a home?

A great forum discussion surveying shoe-removing etiquette across Europe. No surprises here. All the East Europeans, Balkans (except Greeks) and Scandinavians agree that removing shoes is the thing to do and keeping them on is gross, while all the southern Europeans say shoes should stay on and don't like the thought of people coming in with smelly feet. Germany, France and the UK are mixed with some people taking them off and some people keeping them on. One of the British commenters confirmed what I have said that, counter-intuitively, in Britain shoes are more often removed in the south than in the north.

Ireland and the low countries are oddly shoes-on for the most part despite being in northern Europe and having wet weather.


Mark said...

In a comprehensive survey last year wasn't Sheffield found to be the place in Britian where they you are most likely to be asked to removed your shoes? tHis was followed by Worcester and Leicester. None of the top three are in the south. Suppose it depends where you draw the line for the North south device. Many in the south think it starts at Watford! Seriously it's impossible to generalise. Even in Canada where the myth is that everyone removed their shoes, there are many that don't. In the end it's all about freedom of choice which make geralitoes somewhat irrelevant. I can say that where I live everyone takes off their shoes, but I guarantee someone will pop up and say that they don't do it. Also there are people who just love to be opposite for the sake of it.

Matthew Celestine said...

Yeah, I'm aware of that poll. I'm a bit sceptical about the accuracy of the results.

Paul said...

I agree with the Spaniards and the French and the Italians. It is more polite to keep your shoes on and avoid exposing others to your feet and fungi. Luckily, most of the US and the U.K. agree.