Saturday, January 09, 2016

Tossing off the Bowlines|: Shoes and Slush

Tossing the Bowlines|: Shoes and Slush

Another newbie insight here in Canada: you take your shoes off when you go into homes, AND when you enter the chiropractor’s office!

Our neighbors Rob and Audrey came over for some pre-Christmas libations and arrived fully bundled up and carrying their slippers. We laughed. They’d come from, literally, next door. Had we been going there, we would have dashed over in shirt sleeves, and never considered carrying slippers.

But it makes sense. They didn’t want to track snow into our house, so they removed their coats and boots by the door and slipped into their slippers. Great guests! And now we know what we should do when we visit them.

On etiquette in Calgary, Canada.


Paul said...

I would most definitely keep my shoes on at a chiropractor's, no matter what others do. To a house party in bad weather, I would bring indoor shoes.

Elain Smith said...

Well up in Edmonton we also have to remove our shoes at the Drs offices as well I will be going to see mine today and do know I will be seen in my stockinged feet and for those who are wondering yes I will be wearing